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Our labs are equipped with various instruments for material characterization and chemical analysis. Below is a summary of our equipment and point of contact.

yuriy roman mit

yuriy roman mit

Glovebox (UNIlab MBRAUN)
Workstation with a large main antechamber, vacuum pump, and PLC controller. The unit that can attain purity levels of less than one part per million oxygen and moisture.

Contact: Kaylee,

​GC Agilent 6890N Network GC system, GC Agilent 7890A GC system

Gas chromatography system with multimode inlet, capillary flow technology, low thermal mass technology, and TCD/FID detectors.

Contact: Matt,

​High temperature high pressure packed-bed flow reactor

Used to test a variety of catalysts and liquid- and gas-phase reactions in flow mode.

Contact: Matt,

​Yamatao DKN402C rotating ovens

Constant temperature convection ovens with a rotating frame to hold Parr acid digestion vessels for zeolite synthesis.  Rotation is provided by fixed 57 rpm right angle motors.

Contact: Lucas,

​HPLC Agilent 1260 Infinity with UV-vis detector

Includes autosampler for precise injections of both small and large volumes without changing sample loops.

Contact: Lucas,

GC-MS Agilent 7890A GC, 5975C inert XL MSD with triple-axis detector
Inert ion source programmable up to 350 degrees C has enhanced response to active compounds.  

Contact: Matt,

​TGA Q500 TA instruments

Temperature range from ambient to 1000 C.  Isothermal temperature accuracy of 1 C, continuous weighing capacity of 1.0 g, with a heating rate of 0.1-100 C/min.

Contact: Lucas,

AutosorbiQ automated gas sorption analyzer Quantachrome

Includes high resolution pressure transducers for analysis of microporous and mesoporous materials, and built-in degas stations.

Contact: Soon, 

​Bruker Vertex V70 IR spectrometer

Includes an MCT detector with fast scan and step scan capabilities.  Reaction chamber allows in situ studies at high pressure and high temperature settings.

Contact: Blake,

​ X-ray Diffractometer (XRD) Bruker D8

Includes Cu sealed-tube x-ray source with NaI dynamic scintillation detector. It is used for phase analysis of crystalline nanostructures such as zeolite, oxide and carbide catalysts.

Contact: Bhavish,

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