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160) D. Skoda, R. Zhu, B. Hanulikova, A. Styskalik, V. Vykoukal, P. Machac, L. Simonikova, I. Kuritka, C. Poleunis, D.P. Debecker, Y. Román-Leshkov

Propylene Metathesis over Molybdenum Silicate Microspheres with Dispersed Active Sites 

ACS Catal. (2023) [link|pdf]

159) D.J. Zheng, M. Gorlin, K. McCormack, J. Kim, J. Peng, H. Xu, X. Ma, J.M. LeBeau, R.A. Fischer, Y. Román-Leshkov, Y. Shao-Horn

Linker-Dependent Stability of Metal-Hydroxide Organic Frameworks for Oxygen Evolution 

Chem Mater (2023) [link|pdf]


158) H. Adamji, A. Nandy, I. Kevlishvili, Y. Román-Leshkov, H.J. Kulik

Computational Discovery of Stable Metal-Organic Frameworks for Methane-to-Methanol Catalysis 

JACS (2023) [link|pdf]


157) G. Yadav, A. Singh, A. Dutta, T. Uekert, J. DesVeaux, S.R. Nicholson, E.C.D. Tan, C. Mukarakate, J.A. Schaidle, C. Wrasman, A. Carpenter, R. Baldwin, Y. Román-Leshkov, G.T. Beckham

Techno-economic analysis and life cycle assessment for catalytic fast pyrolysis of mixed plastic waste 

EES (2023) [link|pdf]


156) Z.J. Berkson, R. Zhu, C. Ehinger, L. Latsch, S.P. Schmid, D. Nater, S. Pollitt, O.V. Safonova, S. Bjorgvinsdottir, A.B. Barnes, Y. Román-Leshkov, G.A. Price, G.J. Sunley, C. Coperet

Active Site Descriptors from 95Mo NMR Signatures of Silica-Supported Mo-Based Olefin Metathesis Catalysis 

JACS (2023) [link|pdf]


155) T.S. Wesley, M.J. Hulsey, K.S. Westendorff, N.B. Lewis, E.J. Crumlin,  Y. Román-Leshkov, Y. Surendranath

Metal nanoparticles supported on a nonconductive oxide undergo pH-dependent spontaneous polarizationational process design aids biomolecule-derived ethylene polyamine synthesis 

Chemical Science (2023) [link|pdf]


154) G. Drake, Y. Román-Leshkov

Rational process design aids biomolecule-derived ethylene polyamine synthesis 

Chem Catalysis (2023) [link|pdf]


153) T.Z.H. Gani, Z.J. Berkson, R. Zhu, J.H. Kang, J.R. Di Iorio, K.W. Chan, D.F. Consoli, S.K. Shaikh, C. Coperet, Y. Román-Leshkov

Promoting active site renewal in heterogeneous olefin metathesis catalysts 

Nature (2023) [link|pdf]


152) A.A. Khechfe, T.B.M. Matha, Y. Román-Leshkov

Solvent Polarity and Framework Hydrophobicityof Hf-BEA Zeolites Influence Aldol Addition Rates in Organic Media 

ACS Catalysis (2023) [link|pdf]


151) J.H. Jang, A.R.C. Morais, M. Browning, D.G. Brandner, J.K. Kenny, L.M. Stanley, R.M. Happs, A.S. Kovvali, J.I. Cutler, Y. Román-Leshkov, J.R. Bielenberg, G.T. Beckham

Feedstock-agnostic reductive catalytic fractionation in alcohol and alcohol-water mixtures 

Green Chemistry (2023) [link|pdf]


150) G.G. Facas, D.G. Brandner, J.R. Bussard, Y. Román-Leshkov, G.T. Beckham

Interdependence of Solvent and Catalyst Selection on Low Pressure Hydrogen-Free Reductive Catalytic Fractionation 

ACS Sus Chem Eng (2023) [link|pdf]


149) D. Gohl, P. Paciok, Z. Wang, J.S. Kang, M. Heggen, K.J.J. Mayrhofer, Y. Román-Leshkov, M. Ledendecker

Core-passivation: A concept for stable core-shell nanoparticles in aqueous electrocatalysis 

Nano Select (2023) [link|pdf]


148) J. Peng, J.J. Giner-Sanz, L. Giordano, W.P. Mounfield III, G.M. Leveri, Y. Yu, Y. Román-Leshkov, Y. Shao-Horn

Design principles for transition metal nitride stability and ammonia generation in acid 

Joule (2023) [link|pdf]


147) J.E. Rorrer, A.M. Ebrahim, Y. Questell-Santiago, J. Zhu, C. Troyano-Valls, A.S. Asundi, A.E. Brenner, S.R. Bare, C.J. Tassone, G.T. Beckham,    Y. Román-Leshkov

Role of Bifunctional Ru/Acid Catalysts in the Selective Hydrocracking of Polyethylene and Polypropylene Waste to Liquid Hydrocarbons 

ACS Catalysis (2022) [link|pdf]


146) K.P. Sullivan, A.Z. Werner, K.J. Ramirez, L.D. Ellis, J.R. Bussard, B.A. Black, D.G. Brandner, F. Bratti, B.L. Buss, X. Dong, S.J. Haugen, M.A. Ingraham, M.O. Konev, W.E. Michener, J. Miscall, I. Pardo, S.P. Woodworth, A.M. Guss,  Y. Román-Leshkov, S.S. Stahl, G.T. Beckham

Mixed plastics waste valorization through tandem chemical oxidation and biological funneling 

Science, 378(6616): 207-211 (2022) [link|pdf]


145) G. Zichittella, A.M. Ebrahim, J. Zhu, A.E. Brenner, G. Drake, G.T. Beckham, S.R. Bare, J.E. Rorrer, Y. Román-Leshkov.

Hydrogenolysis of Polyethylene and Polypropylene into Propane over Cobalt-Based Catalysts 

JACS Au, 2(10): 2259-2268 (2022) [link|pdf]


144) M.L. Stone, M.S. Webber, W.P. Mounfield III, D.C. Bell, E. Christensen, A.R.C. Morais, Y. Li, E.M. Anderson, J.S. Heyne, G.T. Beckham, Y. Román-Leshkov.

Continuous hydrodeoxygenation of lignin to jet-range aromatic hydrocarbons 

Joule, 6(10): 2324-2337 (2022) [link|pdf]


143) J.K. Kenny, D.G Brandner, S.R. Neefe, W.E. Michener, Y. Román-Leshkov, G.T. Beckham, J.W. Medlin.

Catalyst choice impacts aromatic monomer yields and selectivity in hydrogen-free reductive catalytic fractionation 

Reaction Chemistry & Engineering (2022) [link|pdf]


142) M.B. Stevens, M. Anand, M.E. Kreider, E.K. Price, J.Z. Zeledon, L. Wang, J. Peng, J.M. Gregoire, J. Hummelshoj, T.F. Jaramillo, H. Jia, J.K. Norskov, Y. Román-Leshkov, Y. Shao-Horn, B.D. Storey, S.K. Suram, S.B. Torrisi, J.H. Montoya.

New challenges in oxygen reduction catalysis: a consortium retrospective to inform future research 

Energy & Environmental Science, 15: 3775-3794 (2022) [link|pdf]


141) J.H. Jang, D.G Brandner, R.J. Dreiling, A.J. Ringsby, J.R. Bussard, L.M. Stanley, R.M. Happs, A.S. Kovvali, J.I. Cutler, T. Renders, J.R. Bielenberg,  Y. Román-Leshkov, G.T. Beckham.

Multi-pass flow-through reductive catalytic fractionation 

Joule, 6: 1-17 (2022) [link|pdf]


140) C. Duan,  A. Nandy, H. Adamji, Y. Román-Leshkov, H.J. Kulik

Machine Learning Models Predict Calculation Outcomes with the Transferability Necessary for Computational Catalysis 

J. Chem. Theory Comput., 18(7): 4282-4292 (2022) [link|pdf]


139) D. Schwalbe-Koda, O.A. Santiago-Reyes, A. Corma, Y. Román-Leshkov, M. Moliner, R. Gomez-Bombarelli.

Repurposing Templates for Zeolite Synthesis from Simulations and Data Mining 

Chem. Mater., 32(12): 5366-5376 (2022) [link|pdf]


138) S. Yuan, J.Peng, Y. Zhang, D.J. Zheng, S. Bagi, T. Wang, Y. Román-Leshkov, Y. Shao-Horn.

Tuning the Catalytic Activity of Fe-Phthalocyanine-Based Catalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction by Ligand Functionalization

ACS Catal., 12(12): 7278-7287 (2022) [link|pdf]


137) E. Bello-Jurado, D. Schwalbe-Koda, M. Nero, C. Paris, T. Uusimaki, Y. Román-Leshkov, A. Corma, T. Willhammar, R. Gomez-Bombarelli, M. Moliner

Tunable CHA/AEI Zeolite Intergrowths with A Priori Biselective Organic Structure-Directing Agents: Controlling Enrichment and Implications for Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx 

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 61: e202201837 (2022) [link|pdf]


136) S.R. Nicholson, J.E. Rorrer, A. Singh, M.O. Konev, N.A. Rorrer, A.C. Carpenter, A.J. Jacobsen, Y. Román-Leshkov, G.T. Beckham

The Critical Role of Process Analysis in Chemical Recycling and Upcycling of Waste Plastics

Annu. Rev. of Chem. and Biomol. Engr., 13: 301-324 (2022) [link|pdf]


135) S. Yuan, J. Peng, B. Cai, Z. Huang, A.T. Garcia-Esparza, D. Sokaras, Y. Zhang, L. Giordano, K. Akkiraju, Y.G. Zhu, R. Hubner, X. Zou,  Y. Román-Leshkov, Y. Shao-Horn.

Tunable metal hydroxide-organic frameworks for catalysing oxygen evolution

Nature Materials, 21:673-680 (2022) [link|pdf]


134) LR. Lynd, G.T. Beckham, A.M. Guss, L.N. Jayakody, E.M. Karp, C. Maranas, R.L. McCormick, D. Amador-Noguez, Y.J. Bomble, B.H. Davison, C. Foster, M.E. Himmel, E.K. Holwerda, M.S. Laser, C.Y. Ng, D.G. Olson, Y. Román-Leshkov, C.T. Trinh, G.A. Tuskan, V. Upadhayay, D.R. Vardon, L. Wang, C.E. Wyman.

Toward low-cost biological and hybrid biological/catalytic conversion of cellulosic biomass to fuels

Energy Environ. Sci., 15: 938-990 (2022) [link|pdf]


133) A.A. Khechfe, M.M. Sullivan, D. Zagoraios, A. Katsaounis, C.G. Vayenas, Y. Román-Leshkov

Non-Faradaic Electrochemical Promotion of Brønsted Acid-Catalyzed Dehydration Reactions over Molybdenum Oxide

ACS Catal., 12: 906-912 (2022) [link|pdf]


132) B. Yan, C. Shi, G.T. Beckham, E.Y.X. Chen, Y. Román-Leshkov

Electrochemical Activation of C-C Bonds via Mediated Hydrogen Atom Transfer Reactions

ChemSusChem, 15: e202102317 (2022) [link|pdf]


131) J.J. Oppenheim, S. Bagi, T. Chen, C. Sun, L. Yang, P. Muller,  S. Yuan, Y. Román-Leshkov, M. Dinca.

Isolation of a Side-On V(III)-(η2‑O2) through the Intermediacy of a Low-Valent V(II) in a Metal-Organic Framework

Inorganic Chem., 60: 18205-18210 (2021) [link|pdf]


130) S. Bagi, S. Yuan, S. Rojas-Buzo, Y. Shao-Horn, Y. Román-Leshkov.

A continuous flow chemistry approach for the ultrafast and low-cost synthesis of MOF-808

Green Chem., 23: 9982-9991 (2021) [link|pdf]


129) D. Schwalbe-Koda, A. Corma, Y. Román-Leshkov, M. Moliner, R. Gomez-Bombarelli

Data Driven Design of Biselective Templates for Intergrowth Zeolites

J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 12: 10689-10694 (2021) [link|pdf]


128) B.A. Johnson, J.R. Di Iorio, Y. Román-Leshkov

Identification and quantification of distinct active sites in Hf-Beta zeolites for transfer hydrogenation catalysis

J. Cat., 404: 607-619 (2021) [link|pdf]


127) B.A. Johnson, J.R. Di Iorio, Y. Román-Leshkov

Tailoring Distinct Reactive Environments in Lewis Acid Zeolites for Liquid Phase Catalysis

Acc. Mater. Res., 2: 1033-1046 (2021) [link|pdf]


126) S.D. Bagi, A.S. Myerson, Y. Román-Leshkov

Solvothermal Crystallization Kinetics and Control of Crystal Size Distribution of MOF-808 in a Continuous Flow Reactor

Cryst. Growth & Des., 21: 6529-6536 (2021) [link|pdf]


125) D. Schwalbe-Koda, S. Kwon, C. Paris, E. Bello-Jurado, Z. Jensen, E. Olivetti, T. Willhammar, A. Corma, Y. Román-Leshkov, M. Moliner, R. Gomez-Bombarelli

A priori control of zeolite phase competition and inter-growth with high-throughput simulations

Science., 374: 308-315 (2021) [link|pdf]


124) J.E. Rorrer, C. Troyano-Valls, G.T. Beckham, Y. Román-Leshkov

Hydrogenolysis of Polypropylene and Mixed Polyolefin Plastic Waste over Ru/C to Produce Liquid Alkanes

ACS Sus. Chem. Eng., 9: 11661-11666 (2021) [link|pdf]


123) L.D. Ellis, N.A. Rorrer, K.P. Sullivan, M. Otto, J.E. McGeehan, Y. Román-Leshkov, N. Wierckx, G.T. Beckham

Chemical and biological catalysis for plastics recycling and upcycling

Nature Catal., 4: 539-556 (2021) [link|pdf]


122) K.T. Dinh, M.M. Sullivan, P. Serna, R.J. Meyer, Y. Román-Leshkov

Breaking the Selectivity-Conversion Limit of Partial Methane Oxidation with Tandem Heterogenous Catalysts

ACS Catal., 11: 9262-9270 (2021) [link|pdf]


121) A. Bartling, M.L. Stone, R.J. Hanes, A. Bhatt, Y. Zhang, M.J. Biddy, R. Davis, J.S. Kruger, N.E. Thornburg, J. Luterbacher, R. Rinaldi, J. Samec, B. Sels, Y. Román-Leshkov, G.T. Beckham

Techno-economic analysis and life cycle assessment of a biorefinery utilizing reductive catalytic fractionation

Energy Environ Sci,  14: 4147-4168 (2021) [link|pdf]


120) D. Brandner, J.S. Kruger, N.E. Thornburg, G.G. Facas, J.K. Kenny, R.J. Dreiling, A.R.C. Morais, T. Renders, N.S. Cleveland, R.M. Happs, R. Katahira, T. Vinzant, D.G. Wilcox, Y. Román-Leshkov, G.T. Beckham

Flow-through solvolysis enables production of native-like lignin from biomass

Green Chem,  23: 5437-5441 (2021) [link|pdf]


119) T.S. Wesley, Y. Román-Leshkov, Y. Surendranath

Spontaneous Electric Fields Play a Key Role in Thermochemical Catalysis at Metal-Liquid Interfaces

ACS Cent Sci,  7: 1045-1055 (2021) [link|pdf]


118) M.J. Orella, M.E. Leonard, Y. Román-Leshkov, F.R. Brushett

High-throughput analysis of contact angle goniometry data using DropPy 

Software X, 14: 1000665 (2021)



117) Z. Jensen, S. Kwon, D. Schwalbe-Koda, C. Paris, R. Gomez-Bombarelli,   Y. Román-Leshkov, A. Corma, M. Moliner, E.A. Olivetti

Discovering Relationships between OSDAs and Zeolites through Data Mining and Generative Neural Networks

ACS Cent. Sci., 7: 858-867 (2021) [link|pdf]


116) S. Bagi, A.M. Wright, J. Oppenheim, M. Dincă, Y. Román-Leshkov

Accelerated Synthesis of a Ni2Cl2(BTDD) Metal-Organic Framework in a Continuous Flow Reactor for Atmospheric Water Capture

ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng., 9: 3996-4003 (2021)  [link|pdf]


115) C.R.F. Lund, B. Tatarchuk, N. Cardona-Martinez, J.M. Hill,  M.A. Sanchez-Castillo, G.W. Huber, Y. Román-Leshkov, D. Simonetti, Y. Pagan-Torres, T.J. Schwartz, A.H. Motagamwala

A Career in Catalysis: James A. Dumesic

ACS Catal., 11: 2310-2339 (2021)  [link|pdf]


114) L.D. Ellis, S.V. Orski, G.A. Kenlaw, A.G. Norman, K.L Beers, Y. Román-Leshkov, G.T. Beckham.

Tandem Heterogenous Catalysis for Polyethylene Depolymerization via an Olefin-Intermediate Process

ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng., 9: 623-628 (2021)  [link|pdf]


113) J. E. Rorrer, G.T. Beckham, Y. Román-Leshkov.

Conversion of Polyolefin Waste to Liquid Alkanes with Ru-Based Catalysts under Mild Conditions

JACS Au, 1: 8-12 (2020)  [link|pdf]


112) W. Gao, M. J. Orella, T. J. Carney, Y. Román-Leshkov, J. Drake, F. R. Brushett.

Understanding the Impact of Convective Transport on Intercalation Batteries Through Dimensional Analysis

J. Electrochem. Soc., 167: 140551 (2020)  [link|pdf]


111) J.R. Di Iorio, B. A. Johnson, Y. Román-Leshkov.

Ordered Hydrogen-Bonded Alcohol Networks Confined in Lewis Acid Zeolites Accelerate Transfer Hydrogenation Turnover Rates

J. Am. Chem. Soc., 142: 19379-19392 (2020) [link|pdf]


110) M.M. Abu-Omar, K. Barta, G.T. Beckham, J.S. Luterbacher, J. Ralph, R. Rinaldi, Y. Román-Leshkov, J.S.M. Samec, B.F. Sels, F. Wang.

Guidelines for performing lignin-first biorefining

Energy Environ. Sci., 14: 262-292 (2021) [link|pdf]


109) S. Yuan, Y. Li, J. Peng, Y. M. Questell-Santiago, K. Akkiraju, L. Giordano, D. J. Zheng, S. Bagi, Y. Román-Leshkov, Y. Shao-Horn.

Conversion of Methane into Liquid Fuels—Bridging Thermal Catalysis with Electrocatalysis

Adv. Energy Mater., 10: 2002154 (2020) [link|pdf]


108) A. Rodríguez-Fernández, J. Di Iorio, C. Paris, N. Y. Román-Leshkov, M. Moliner.

Selective Active Site Placement in Lewis Acid Zeolites and Implications for Catalysis of Oxygenated Compounds

Chem. Sci., 11: 10225-10235 (2020) [link|pdf]


107) M.E. Leonard, M. Orella, N. Aiello, Y. Román-Leshkov, A. Forner-Cuenca, F. Brushett

Flooded by Success: On the Role of Electrode Wettability in CO2 Electrolyzers that Generate Liquid Products

J. Electrochem. Soc., 167: 124521 (2020) [link|pdf]


106) X. He, B. G. Looker, K. T. Dinh, A. W. Stubbs, T. Chen, R. J. Meyer, P. Serna, Y. Román-Leshkov, K. M. Lancaster, M. Dincă

Cerium (IV) Enhances the Catalytic Oxidation Activity of Single-Site Cu Active Sites in MOFs

ACS Catal., 10: 7820-7825 (2020) [link|pdf]


105) Z. Wang, A. Garg, L. Wang, H. He, A. Dasgupta, D. Zanchet, M. J. Janik, R. M. Rioux, Y. Román-Leshkov

Enhancement of Alkyne Semi-Hydrogenation Selectivity by Electronic Modification of Platinum

ACS Catal., 10: 6763-6770 (2020) [link|pdf]


104) N. E. Thornburg, D. G. Brandner, M. L. Reed, J. V. Vermaas, W. E. Michener, R. Katahira, T. B. Vinzant, T. D. Foust, B. S. Donohoe, Y. Roman-Leshkov, P. N. Ciesielski, G. T. Beckham

Mesoscale Reaction‐Diffusion Phenomena Governing Lignin‐First Biomass Fractionation

ChemSusChem, 13: 4495-4509 (2020) [link|pdf]


103) D. Göhl, H. Rueß, S. Schlicht, A. Vogel, M. Rohwerder, K. J.J. Mayrhofer, J. Bachmann, Y. Román-Leshkov, J. M. Schneider, M. Ledendecker

Stable and Active Oxygen Reduction Catalysts with Reduced Noble Metal Loadings through Potential Triggered Support Passivation

ChemElectroChem, 7: 2404-2409 (2020) [link|pdf]


102) H. D. Park, R. J. Comito, Z. Wu, G. Zhang, N. D. Ricke, C. Sun, T. Van Voorhis, J. T. Miller, Y. Román-Leshkov, M. Dinca

Gas Phase Ethylene Polymerization by Single-Site Cr Centers in a Metal−Organic Framework

ACS Catal., 10: 3864-3870 [link|pdf]


101) D. A. Kuznetsov, J. Peng, L. Giordano, Y. Román-Leshkov, Y. Shao-Horn

Bismuth Substituted Strontium Cobalt Perovskites for Catalyzing Oxygen Evolution

J. Phys. Chem. C, 124: 6562-6570 [link|pdf]


100) D. Göhl, A. Garg, P. Paciok, K. J. J. Mayrhofer, M. Heggen, Y. Shao-Horn, R. E. Dunin-Borkowski, Y. Román-Leshkov, M. Ledendecker

Engineering Stable Electrocatalysts by Synergistic Stabilization between Carbide Cores and Pt Shells

Nat. Mater., 19: 287-291 (2020) [link|pdf]


99) M. J. Orella, S. M. Brown, M. E. Leonard, Y. Román-Leshkov, F. R. Brushett

A General Techno-Economic Model for Evaluating Emerging Electrocatalytic Processes

Energy Technol., 8: 1900994 (2020) [link|pdf]


98) W. P. Mounfield III, B. Huang, B. Cai, Y. Shao-Horn, Y. Román-Leshkov

Synthesis of Unsupported Two-Dimensional Molybdenum Carbide Nanosheets for Hydrogen Evolution

Mater. Lett., 261: 126987 (2020) [link|pdf]


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Solid-State Gelation for Nanostructured Perovskite Oxide Aerogels

Chem. Mater., 31: 9422-9429 (2019) [link|pdf]


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Machine Learning Applied to Zeolite Synthesis: The Missing Link for
Realizing High-Throughput Discovery

Acc. Chem. Res., 52: 2971-2980 (2019) [link|pdf]


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ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng., 7: 18313-18322 (2019) [link|pdf]


94) A. Rodríguez-Fernández, P. Atienzar, C. Martínez, Y. Román-Leshkov, M. Moliner

Ge-based Hybrid Composites from Ge-rich Zeolites as Highly Conductive and Stable Electronic Materials

Chem. Mater., 31: 7723-7731 (2019) [link|pdf]


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Kinetic Analysis and Reaction Mechanism for Anisole Conversion over Zirconia-Supported Molybdenum Oxide

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92) T. Z. H. Gani, M. J. Orella, E. M. Anderson, M. L. Stone, F. R. Brushett, G. T. Beckham, Y. Román-Leshkov

Computational Evidence for Kinetically Controlled Radical Coupling During Lignification

ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng., 7: 13270-13277 (2019) [link|pdf]


91) A. Garg, D. S. Gonçalves, Y. Liu, Z. Wang, L. Wang, J. S. Yoo, A. M. Kolpak, R. M. Rioux, D. Zanchet, Y. Román-Leshkov

Impact of Transition Metal Carbide and Nitride Supports on the Electronic Structure of Thin Platinum Overlayers

ACS Catal., 9: 7090-7098 (2019) [link|pdf]


90) K. T. Dinh, M. M. Sullivan, K. Narsimhan, P. Serna, R. J. Meyer, M. Dincǎ, Y. Román-Leshkov

Continuous Partial Oxidation of Methane to Methanol Catalyzed by Diffusion-Paired Cu Dimers in Copper-Exchanged Zeolites

J. Am. Chem. Soc., 141: 11641-11650 (2019) [link|pdf]


89) W. P. Mounfield III, A. X. Harale, Y. Román-Leshkov

Impact of Morphological Effects on the Activity and Stability of Tungsten Carbide Catalysts for Dry Methane Reforming

Energy Fuels, 33: 5544-5550 (2019) [link|pdf]


88) E. M. Anderson, M. L. Stone, R. Katahira, M. Reed, W. Muchero, K. J. Ramirez, G. T. Beckham, Y. Román-Leshkov

Differences in S/G Ratio in Natural Poplar Variants Do Not Predict Catalytic Depolymerization Monomer Yields

Nat. Commun., 10: 2033 (2019) [link|pdf]


87) S. Zhang, D. F. Consoli, S. Shaikh, Y. Román-Leshkov

Effects of WO3 Nanoparticle Size on Ethylene-Butene Metathesis Activity

Appl. Catal., A, 580: 52-58 (2019) [link|pdf]


86) Z. Jensen, E. Kim, S. Kwon, T. Z. H. Gani, Y. Román-Leshkov, M. Moliner, A. Corma, and E. Olivetti

A Machine Learning Approach to Zeolite Synthesis Enabled by Automatic Data Extraction

ACS Cent. Sci., 5: 892-899 (2019) [link|pdf]


85) M. Shetty, D. Zanchet, W. H. Green, and Y. Román-Leshkov

Cooperative Co(0)/Co(II) Sites Stabilized by a Perovskite Matrix Enable Selective C-O and C-C Bond Hydrogenolysis of Oxygenated Arenes

ChemSusChem, 12: 2171-2175 (2019) [link|pdf]


84) D. Consoli, S. Zhang, S. Shaikh, and Y. Román-Leshkov

Influence of Framework Atoms on Olefin Metathesis Activity using MoO3-MFI Catalysts

Org. Process Res. Dev., 22: 1683-1686 (2018) [link|pdf]


83) K. Murugappan, E. M. Anderson, D. Teschner, T. E. Jones, K. Skorupska, and Y. Román-Leshkov

Operando NAP-XPS unveils differences in MoO3 and Mo2C during hydrodeoxygenation

Nat. Catal., 1: 960-967 (2018) [link|pdf]


82) M. L. Stone, E. M. Anderson, K. M. Meek, M. Reed, R. Katahira, F. Chen, R. A. Dixon, G. T. Beckham, and Y. Román-Leshkov

Reductive Catalytic Fractionation of C-Lignin

ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng., 6: 11211-11218 (2018) [link|pdf]


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