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Undergraduate Positions

Prospective undergraduate researchers should reach out to Prof. Yuriy Román at yroman at with current research interests and a short summary of relevant experience.

Graduate Positions

Prospective graduate students must first be admitted to MIT. MIT's Department of Chemical Engineering makes admissions decisions on a department-wide basis, rather than the needs of individual professors. Admitted Chemical Engineering students at MIT should go through the standard advisor selection process.

For Fall 2021, we are looking for 2-3 new graduate students broadly in the areas of: (1) plastics upcycling focusing on catalytic depolymerization, (2) lignin valorization, (3) microporous materials synthesis, and (4) electric field promotion of catalysis.

PostDoc Positions

We have no positions open at the moment. However, since changing funding opportunities can quickly make positions available, we welcome spontaneous applications. To apply, please submit your cover letter, curriculum vitae with the name of 3 references, list of publications, and summary of prior research experience to Prof. Yuriy Román at yroman at

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